The online exhibition was made possible through the "UCLA/Community Archives Internship Project,” funded by the Andrew Mellon Foundation and co-sponsored by UCSB Library and Office of Student Life.

Omeka Exhibition Credits: Melissa Barthelemy (Exhibition Curator and Public History Ph.D. Student), Rebecca Metzger (Librarian), Annie Platoff (Librarian and May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial Archive Curator), Diane Larson (Omeka Consultant), Lauren Trujillo (MLIS Graduate Student)

"We Remember Them: Act of Love and Compassion in Isla Vista" 2015 Exhibition Acknowledgements 

Exhibition Project Manager & Curator: Melissa Barthelemy, PhD candidate, History

Original Exhibition Team:  Maggie Cazares, Taylor Heppner, Katie Jacobson, Carly Keys, Spencer Mermelstein, Phil Plank, Maddie Smith, Lauren Trujillo

Graphic Designers: Bertie Bloom, Kayli Cover

Project Photographer: Claire Bredenoord

May 23, 2014 Isla Vista Memorial Archive Curator: Annie Platoff (Librarian, UCSB Library)

Archival Project Team: Lauren Cain, Maggie Cazares, Karina Chavéz, Elizabeth Dang, Scott Hansen, Kaley Jorgensen, Erik Larsen, Zachary Liebhaber, Spencer Mermelstein, Ori Ortiz, Christina Scholze, Bruno Tomasini, Lauren Trujillo, Wyatt Young, Megan Zuchowski

Exhibition Co-sponsors (UCSB): Art, Design & Architecture Museum; Associated Students; Career Services; College of Creative Studies; College of Letters & Science; Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS); Delta Delta Delta; Department of Art; Department of Asian American Studies; Department of Classics; Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering; Department of English; Department of Feminist Studies; Department of Global Studies; Department of History; Department of History of Art & Architecture; Department of Sociology; Graduate Division; Interdisciplinary Humanities Center; Isla Vista Community Relations Committee; Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor; Office of Student Life; UCSB Library; UC Santa Barbara Alumni Association

Community Partners: B2B Print Services; The Frame-Up Custom Picture Hanging; Home Depot; KM Custom Builders, Inc.; Michaels Arts & Crafts; Montecito Bank & Trust; Serendipity Toys; Sonos

Thanks: Alpha Phi, Terri Anton, Katya Armistead, Bennett Barthelemy, Joe Barthelemy, Lili Barthelemy, Yolanda Blue, Capri Apartments, Chancellor’s Coordinating Committee on Isla Vista, Mehmet Dogu, Andrew Espinoza, Ed Fields, Debbie Fleming, David Gartrell, Turi Honegger, Isla Vista Deli Mart, Aaron Jones, Dave Kujan, Julia Diane Larson, Ian Lessing, Zachary Liebhaber, Karen Lindell, Don Lubach, Tony Mastres, Daisy Muralles, Mark Okuno, Julia Olson, Tina Panteleakos, Project IV Love, Leila Rupp, Lynn Shively, Coleen Sears, David Seubert, 7-11, Lisa Smith, Ethan Turpin, Will Simons, Josh Smith, Lisa Smith, George Thurlow, UCSB Public Affairs and Communications, Ruth Wales, Susan Yamashiro

Ad-Hoc Memorial Preservation Group Members:  Melissa Barthelemy (History Ph.D. Student), Randy Bergstrom (History Professor, Public History Program Coordinator), Maggie Cazares (Alumna), Kim Equinoa (Assistant Dean of Students, Student Life), Ednie Garrison (Feminist Studies Visiting Assistant Professor), Mary Hancock (Associate Dean of Humanities, History/Anthropology Professor, Public History Program), Rebecca Metzger (Librarian), Ann Plane (History Professor, Public History Program), Annie Platoff (Librarian), Alison Turtledove (Alumna), Lauren Trujillo (Undergraduate History Student)