Remembrance Events Room

View Facing Entrance of Remembrance Room

This room contained photographs and artifacts from planned memorial events that occurred in Isla Vista and at UCSB. Those events included the Campus Memorial Service, the Vigil and March, the Paddle Out, the creation of the Memorial Wall at the Arbor, and the Memorial Chalk event in Isla Vista.

Panorama View of the Memorial Paddle Out

These six photographs form a panoramic view of the IV Memorial Paddle Out which was a large event that took place five days after the Tragedy. A paddle out is a traditional service held out in the water to remember and celebrate the life of a fallen surfer. Over a thousand people paddled into the ocean and formed a large circle, and over four thousand people watched from the shore.  

Images from Memorial Paddle Out

On May 29th, the UCSB Surf Club and Team hosted a memorial paddle out for the victims of the May 23, 2014 shooting. In the surf community, a paddle out is a traditional service held out in the water to remember and celebrate the life of a fallen surfer. As a community deeply rooted in beach culture and a home to many surfers and ocean lovers, Isla Vista residents chose to honor the victims of the shooting with a surfer send-off. Participants paddled out at the surf spot known as “Depressions,” (located just off of the lagoon) on surfboards, boogie boards, kayaks, and rafts, with flower leis around their necks or loose flowers held between their teeth, as others watched from the beach. Those in the water assumed a circular formation and held hands. Members of the surf team shared the names of the victims as well as thoughts of community strength from the center of the circle. A moment of silence and reflection was shared by all, with clasped hands raised skyward, and ended with the throwing of flowers into the center of the circle, accompanied by splashing and cheering. As the ceremony drew to a close and the participants began to paddle back onto the shore, the event hosts invited people to reach out to one another and share a smile or a greeting. Strangers became friends as event participants paddled around saying “hi,” shaking hands, and hugging one another. There were an estimated five thousand people in attendance of the event, including those on the beach.

Statement written in 2014 by Julia Olson, 4th year English major who assisted with the event.

Chancellor Yang at Vigil in Anisq’Oyo’ Park
Vigil at Storke Plaza
Students Walking Candlelight Vigil Path

Images from the Vigil on Saturday May 24, 2014. Thousands of UCSB students, campus and community members filled Storke Plaza hugging each other and listening to Naked Voices, one of the university’s a cappella groups perform songs such as “Amazing Grace.” After speakers shared poignant words calling for solidarity and love, we proceeded on a candle-lit march to Anisq’Oyo Park in Isla Vista. At the park, members from the community shared stories about those who had been killed. Some people performed songs, others read poems, and some told humorous personal stories, in a celebration of the lives of those so recently lost. Together we found ourselves laughing and crying at the same time when we heard funny and impactful memories being shared. One of the speakers said that we shouldn’t think about the fact that they are gone but that they were here. Students spoke of the indelible imprints that their friends had left on their lives. Those memories live within us and nothing can take that away.

UCSB Harder Stadium Memorial Service Items

Items and images from the UCSB Harder Stadium Memorial Service on May 27, 2014. As part of the official Day of Mourning and Reflection, more than 20,000 students, staff, faculty, and community members gathered at Harder Stadium for the UCSB Memorial Service.

View of Bren School Turtle

In the wake of the tragedy, graduate students from the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management created a sea turtle art piece with ribbons that had messages of support. They walked the turtle to the AS Pardall Center in Isla Vista to gift it to the undergraduate students. A heart with messages of support was also created.  

Bren School Students Walking Turtle to Pardall Center

Graduate Students from Bren School arrive in front of AS Pardall Center with Sea Turtle.

UCSB Strong Banner

Staff standing with “UCSB Strong” banner on the balcony of the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management.

Images of Chalk Drawings

Photographs of chalk drawings on sidewalks of Isla Vista, for the event called “Memorial Chalk,” which took place in front of the AS Pardall Center on May 30th. The event was organized by UCSB senior Erin Davidson. She said, “I really feel that self-expression is really important and doing it in a tangible way is really therapeutic.” For many, the act of writing on the ground became a physical and emotional way to reclaim Isla Vista.

Daily Nexus News Article Collage

Photographs of framed newspaper clippings from Daily Nexus student newspaper that discussed Week of Solidarity events that happened right after the tragedy. These events had an incredibly meaningful impact on the community, helping us care for each other and ourselves in the midst of so much pain.

Remembrance Events Room