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Photo of a postcard sent to the National Rifle Association as part of the "Not One More" campaign. During the campus memorial service Richard Martinez asked how many more needed to die before meaningful gun control legislation was passed. He…

Week of Healing and Solidarity-58.jpg
Student leaving chalk art drawing on Pardall Street in front of the IV Deli Mart and Pardall Center.

We Remember Them-97.jpg
Chalk drawings left on the sidewalk on campus leading into Isla Vista.

Pardall Memorial Boards-5.jpg
Close up showing comments written on memorial boards at the Associated Students Pardall Center. Visitors left comments on the boards in chalk, which were later preserved.

A beaded curtain marks the entrance to the "Reflection" room in the exhibition. The room was designed to look like a student apartment in Isla Vista. It provided a quiet place for visitors to rest and come together.

View of the entry panel upon entering the exhibition. The "We Remember Them" title was in English, Chinese, and Spanish.

View of the "We Remember Them" Room paper cranes art installation as visitor walks through the space.

A view of the survivors display in the "We Remember Them" room. Display features notes left for survivors at the Associated Students Pardall Boards.

Memorial Archive Signed Exhibit Items-5.tif
Photo of a signed water polo ball for Veronika Elizabeth Weiss.

Memorial Archive Signed Exhibit Items-11.tif
Photo of signed ping-pong paddles and ping-pong balls for Cheng Yuan “James” Hong.
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