Reflection Room

Entrance to the Reflection Room

The Reflection Room was a space designed and created by the student interns who assisted with the exhibition. The room was made to look like a typical Isla Vista college apartment and represent our community. it served as a space where visitors could find calm and speak with each other about the exhibit and their feelings.

Reflection Room Reflection Room

Items in the room were collected from Good Will, donated, and purchased to represent Isla Vista. From records on the wall to surf boards, the room was a chill comfortable space where students, visitors, friends, and family could hang out and reflect on the resilience of our community. 

Reflection Room Community Message Cards

Interns went around Isla Vista leading up to the opening of the 2015 exhibition and asked students to describe Isla Vista and reflect on our community. Students shared their interpretations of Isla Vista through lyrics, poems, notes, and drawings that can be seen here hanging in the Reflection Room.

Reflection Room